Address: Israel, Bat Yam
Design: 2022-2023
Technical and economic indicators: plot area 3 ha
Client: Municipality of Bat Yam

We invite your attention to get acquainted with our idea, the concept of street reconstruction in the city of Bat Yam. We propose to develop a place in the city with a creative and cultural approach, highlight the creative and cultural street STREETART on the city map. Which could close three large streets between A-Atsmaut Avenue, Rothschild and Eseftal. In modern Europe, there are already a lot of such clusters where they are practiced and they are very popular with young people and adults, developing the street with this improves and reconstructs the environment adjacent to this territory, improves the financial characteristics of the street. We propose to allocate a site where one could spend time studying and getting acquainted with the art of Israel, as well as various countries, like photos or modern graffiti. sculpture music or is it just evening readings with music. Involve local creative residents of the city with your work Where you could sit down on the grass in the evening and just listen to classical music, take a walk with the children to the playground or drink a cup of coffee or eat ice cream. Our idea is to make one more sightseeing place in the city, like an embankment, like a new A-Atsmaut avenue, like X-ninja playgrounds.